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Frequent parameters to design MBA rankings


Rankings are quality lists that have consulting and informative functions about different topics, as well as products, services and practically everything that can be measured. In the case of universities, careers and degrees these rankings are especially useful in a world where connected mobile devices are a trend, for future students to find information about the academic program and faculty to attend. For example, MBA rankings are very common online.

With MBA or master in business programs students and future aspirants tend to consult information, because of the importance regarding this academic field of business where frequent parameters are utilized as proper based to measure quality in different aspects. In this way, the best MBA programs offered can be shown and described for future applicants.

Criteria respecting how MBA rankings are carried out

Student selectivity

Student selectivity is one of the main criteria considered by organizations and entities that design MBA rankings to be published, as the process of selecting the best aspirants to complete the program respecting a set of proper descriptions to be fulfilled. For example, applicants must have at least a degree in a related business area, as well as skills in leadership, commitment, previous knowledge and even experience in the case of executive MBA.

Innovation and educational platforms

Another valuable parameter considered to design MBA rankings and establish a list of the best programs out there is the innovation and educational platforms, which have to do with the teaching-learning process and instruments, as well as the educational tools from the curriculum perspective to achieve the goals of the program in content learning and proper domination.

On the other hand, innovation has to do with the online approach and remote platforms included in MBA programs, as tools that allow faculties to have students abroad or at least provide communication and different educational instruments and pedagogical technologies.

Individual and general certifications

MBA rankings usually consider imperative the assessment of individual and general certifications respecting the MBA programs to evaluate and the faculties that provide them. So, individual certifications are related with teachers and their accreditations in teaching and other matters, while general qualifications have to do with the programs and universities as a whole. General certifications can be recognized as AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

Content and curriculum

Included content and general curriculum of every MBA program is considered to assess it and establish score that later is used in the rankings. To do so, innovative pedagogical material and the way is imparted is taken into account. Content has even more of a important role in rankings designed for specific types of MBA degrees.

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