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MBA admission process

There are a lot of aspects that are involved during an MBA admission process, and it is very important for potential MBA students to be aware of them, because of the strong competition there is among applicants, acknowledge this will help you get ahead and be prepared.

Requirements pre admission

Some business schools based their selection on the kind of test applicants have approved, some of them can be: GMAT, CAT, MAT or NMAT, so make sure to apply to take some of these tests and have a high score.

Another important requirement is to have a profile evaluation, as well as, build an application; this will help the school to know your strength and skills, in order for this part of the process to be really worth it you need to include all your work experience and previous degrees, besides all your tests scores.

Requirement post selection

After the school has selected all the applicants, each one of them is called for an interview to end the selection process, after that, the students need to prepare some documentation to submit to the school:

  • Besides of the previous information the applicants will have to prepare a statement of purpose in which the student will explain the reasons of why he/she chose this MBA program and who could it help to his/her career.
  • Those students who has not taken any standardized test, will have to approve an internal test designated by the business school
  • The final decision will be in the hands of the school business’ admission committee; they will be the one that name all the elected candidates to begin the MBA program.

As you can see the admission process has a lot of important elements, therefore, every job opportunity you have can help you at the time you decide to start an MBA program, this means that every decision you make professionally can affect this opportunity.


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