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MBA application essay tips

An application essay is one of the most important requirements if the admission process, this document needs to reflect your goals and your expectations about the business school and yourself as a professional, it should also reflect who are you as a person, and what life experiences have led you to make the decision of having an MBA major.

An application essay is a very depth writing, and it should be, because it will not only have to say who we are, and what we want, but also why are we right for an specific MBA major, which means that we need to have clear what makes us a good applicant and why. Try to bring passion into your essay, in other words, make other people feel the same enthusiasm and motivation you feel, by choosing this career as your way of living.

It is also important to include all the different work experiences you have had, even thou they have been a little risky and sometimes you have had to brake some of the rules to accomplish the objectives, remember that business world have specific processes, but is common that business men sometimes take a different road, in order to maintain business running.

You can also talk about all your academic preparation, specifically what have been you greatest professional achievements, remember that MBA admissions are very competitive, and is very important to show your willingness to accomplish big goals in academic and career areas.

Try to make sure you are following every single essay standard thatthe business school may have, like word limits, topics and format, in that way, you will also demonstrate that you care about details and know how to follow instructions.

Beware of grammatical and orthographic errors, this could give the wrong idea about you, so we recommend that after you are done, read it one more time, and have it check out with other people, so you can make sure is well written and understandable.


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