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MBA dual degree programs

MBA double degree is a new opportunity for people to combine their interest in business and on another discipline, in that way; they can understand business administration process in other fields of study. Give yourself the opportunity to take your MBA learning on a whole new level, by choosing an MBA dual degree program that includes your interests.

MBA dual degrees are classified on different major fields some of them are:

Engineer and Applied Science: MBA and MS in Industrial Engineering.

Nursing: MBA and MS in Nursing.

Teacher College: MBA and MA in Private School Leadership.

Social Work: MBA and MS in Social work

These are just some of the major most colleges offer to people. Now it is also important to talk about the academic requirements and the admission process to have access to these kinds of MBA degrees.


Full time MBA and dual MBA degrees have very similar requirements but there are some differences, one of them is that MBA dual degree students have to complete 45 credits in total instead of 60 credits, in order to graduate, besides the amount of elective subjects they must approved throughout their college years. MBA double degree students have to consult with the MA or MS degree schools about the academic requirements, because most of the time they have different academic standards that those of MBA degrees, in order to, meet the requirements for both schools.


The first thing candidates have to understand is that even thou they are graduating with a dual degree, these degrees do not operate together, each one of them have different requirements and they have to present them separately to each school. Another option of admission is that they can start both schools at the same time or start business school first and apply for the other school before completing half of the period in the first school, otherwise they will be consider for admission but they will lose the right of getting a dual  degree.


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