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MBA Magazines

Like any other career MBA students and executives have to keep preparing before, after and during their studies, that is why, reading is another great way to do that, thus we will give you some magazine recommendations at the moment to look for good reading materials that can inform you, not only of the latest business trends, but also about job opportunities or new MBA majors you may be interested in.

The Economist

Is one of the most important business magazines there are, this reading material has very extensive information about business events and is perfect for MBA candidates because it can have them ready for the GMAT test. It is also recommended for MBA students and executives because is perfect to study for business schools and it gives you different situations for you to analyze and be prepare to solve them. This magazine comes out every week and it is read by famous business man like Bill Gates and others.

The New Yorker

This magazine has a more vary content mixing different types of topics like politics, international affairs, arts and literature, therefore it is addressed to different kinds of MBA professionals, but mainly to improve communicational skills, which is very important when preparing for a test or for an interview. This magazine also offers a closer look to national and international news which helps the reader to practice independent thinking by creating a unique point of view about different events.


Wired is a magazine about technology, exposing all the last tech world events there are and highlighting the importance of technology in business, but this magazine not only have tech information but also different mental games like brainteasers, puzzles, and challenging questions about tech companies. It is also addressed for MBA students or executives involve with companies that develop technology and are interested of knowing the newly released gadgets. It is also considered a good source of information to share with people inside business school.


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