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MBA Placement terms


MBA programs have become very attractive for students, especially for the placement opportunities some business schools offer to their students, but when it comes to placement most MBA students tend to confuse with the terms used like for example PPI, PPO and other related concepts. On this article we will explain to you these placement terms in order for you to understand them better.

Pre-placement Offer (PPO):

This kind of job offer is given to the students before ending the MBA major. The process for PPO begins when the student is on his/her second year of the MBA program, at that moment, some companies and organizations offer internships or summer placement, during that time students have to stand out if they want the company to offer a permanent job opportunity, and this proposal is known as PPO.

Pre-placement Interview

As its name calls, this process takes place when an organization contacts an intern for an interview, and the evaluation is based on the intern’s performance during the interview and the quality of the job during the internship period, all these aspects will be assess to define whether the candidate suits or not with the position available in the company, if the intern has success during the process, the company will offer him/her a PPO.

Deferred Placement

This is a period in which companies and organizations offer MBA students the chance to accomplish their job goals every two or three years, during this period of time the students have the chance to impress the head of the company, in case the students does not accomplish a position, they can attend to placement sessions. Some companies even have stipend plans during these deferred placement periods, in order to motivate them in develop all their potential.

Placement process

The placement process consists in finding an organization to apply for by sending a CV and waiting for an offer letter. This process can take from two to three months.

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