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MBA Profile Evaluation

An MBA profile evaluation is very helpful when it comes to find out what are your MBA skills, it is recommended for you to do it before you start looking for a program, because it can give you an idea whether you are or not qualified for an admission in an MBA program, some of the skills these evaluation pays attention to is work experience, leadership, etc.

Profile evaluation types

Expert Feedback

There are two ways to do this kind of profile evaluation oral or written, in order to do it written, the applicant must fill a questionnaire where he/she has to offer details of some important topics, without having any contact with the evaluator, after that, the applicant will receive the evaluator’s reply within a few days. If the applicant decides to do it orally, then he/she will have to meet with the evaluator and discuss the profile and the MBA major choices, which gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you have about the admission process and business training.

Online Tools

Online tools are used depending on what the applicant needs, therefore, there are the automatic online tools, which consist in questionnaires answered by the applicant with relevant information, and depending on those answers the platform or system will offer feedback of strengths, areas where the applicant needs special training, appropriate MBA programs according to the applicant’s skills, a list of business schools options and score recommendations for the diverse MBA tests.

There is also School matching online tools, this kind of evaluation is more optional, because it only focuses on matching your MBA profile to business school options, this means that the system will not give you complete feedback of every area, just a list of potential schools.

MBA Skill Evaluation

These tests have the objective to evaluate leadership potential, relevant achievements, international exposure, English proficiency, GMAT/GRE scores, competitive advantages of your profile, and others.


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