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Sports and MBA

Sports management is not only about having contacts to advertise a football team or an athlete, there is so much more involve in that scenario, that is why the MBA in Sports Business Management, gives people who are interested on this field the opportunity to becomes sport managers with leadership and management skills.

This MBA also is perfect for those people who are interested in other areas of sport business like launching a new product or company, whether is nationally or internationally, which can give the student the confidence to make big decisions for the person or organization they are working for and in that way build their future.

Areas of Study

Some of the areas this MBA focuses on are: strategies, marketing, operation, human resources, accounting and financial planning, It also includes some studies in health care management and leadership modules. As you can see it is a very complete curriculum due to the extensive areas sports manages. This MBA has duration of 2 semesters, which can be planned according to the university conditions. Within this programs, there are very interesting subjects like Marketing and Sponsorship for Sports and Events, Business statistics, Globalization, Society and Culture: Sports in the Global Marketplace, all these subjects will guarantee this professional will have a great performance when address several situations inside a company.

Career Paths

There are different areas where MBA in Sport Management professionals can develop:

  • Education area
  • Health sector referring to sports
  • Theme parks
  • Sports marketing
  • Sport event management
  • Stadium event management
  • Entertainment Industry

All these areas represent where this MBA professionals have the opportunity to find promising jobs, which means there is a wide range of possibilities according to different interests and skills.


Some of the requirements the MBA candidates need are: an Undergraduate degree, three years of professional experience inside a company or organization and to speak fluid English.


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