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The option of virtual web hosting


Most of the mid and high-range companies enjoy of dedicated web hosting to save their online platforms, such as web pages, mobile applications and other service platforms that take advantage of proper and high-end computing power, being unmatched in terms of performance and responsiveness. However, other smaller businesses cannot afford dedicated web hosting and obviously would like to do it, coming virtual web hosting to the table.

Virtual web hosting offers similar or at least close performance to dedicated servers in direct comparison, at a cheaper prices and with little drawbacks or compromises but involving a more complex functioning, especially if it is compared to other web hosting types like shared and free web hosting. In fact, virtual web hosting comes to be a lot more recent and its offering is less frequent than others due to the software and virtualization skills that are involved.

Definition of virtual web hosting and its features

In concept, virtual web hosting is the type of solution where webpages and their resources can be hosted on servers, which are previously divided into different virtual machines that are independent from one another and set to manage and host the different content, platforms and software related to a client. Thanks to virtualization, virtual web hosting acts as some sort of dedicated server where other web pages and services do not interfere whatsoever.

This is carried out with different virtualization technologies where computing power, CPU core clock, RAM memory amount and hard drive space is assigned in a better and more optimized way to every Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS where webpages are running, and even though server resources are shared they do not work in the same way as shared web hosting where virtualization is not present, as the main instrument to improve performance and reduce cost significantly.

For example, with virtual web hosting the owner of the page or service hosted is able to reboot the system, as well as manage every aspect of the content and software included, modify control panels and other options.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that a VDS is not affected on how the others are working or using resources, even if they are overcharged the virtualization process does not allow to take impact on the rest of the server, as it would happen with shared web hosting. Now, due to its cheaper implementation and benefits, virtual web hosting is a suitable choice for mid-range companies which can afford dedicated web hosting but require alike performance.

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