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Web hosting and functions


Web hosting is known as the storing service that allows people save their web page or pages, so they can be available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Most people that are beginning a new brand or business do not have an optimum internet service, therefore, they have to look for a web hosting provider, which counts with a better internet bandwidth service to advertise their products, because most of domestic services are not enough to maintain a web page available as much as the business needs.

Web hosting providers have their own internet servers to storage their client’s web pages, these servers are located in a Data Processing Center (DPC), which offers advanced safety systems like hardware and software and permanent internet connections to avoid errors or failures that could affect the web pages’ services.

Type of web hosting

Depending on what kind of web page you need to store, there are different kind of web hosting, for example, if you just need to host a personal blog, the most basic web hosting service would be enough, but if you own a bigger business like a clothing store or a food brand, then you would need a more professional type of web hosting.

Shared Hosting

As its name says this type of web hosting is shared by other users, so if you decide to use a shared hosting, you would be sharing your space with others. In a shared hosting you can store several web pages.

Private Server

This is a server divided on multiple virtual machines and because you are sharing the hardware, the virtual server’s cost is cheaper. The great advantage is that PS is not shared with other clients which mean that you can use its benefits as you please.

Dedicated Server

This web hosting consists on one computer exclusively for one client, therefore, the client can use the internet bandwidth and the storing space as he wishes. This kind of server is perfect for web pages with a monthly high traffic.

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