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FOREX brokers and traders

With the technological development brought by Internet brokers and traders online appeared, in the same traditional brokers that had as job to buy and sell of stocks, securities and other assets.

In so, The FOREX brokers are the virtual financial institutions that allow the access to a currency market online, like FOREX to perform different financial operations that are available through this online-based market and platform.

Such FOREX brokers provide investors the platform of electronic operations, with quotations in real time to be done, through these platforms all kind of economical operations, like selling and purchasing of different currencies, commodities and other financial instruments can be performed, completely electronically and through mobile devices and computers.

In the same order of ideas, all of these advantages are given by the use of Internet nowadays, regarding to traders and exchanging operations. For example, the possibility of use computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones online, FOREX trading operations and prediction of fluctuations in the market become easy, having their accounts on such mobile devices, also offering unstopped schedule and conformability to the user in general.

Types of FOREX brokers to know about

According to the activity of trading and specifically FOREX trading, there are different kind of FOREX brokers, which are the people in charge of making the operations and act as an intermediary between the investor and the financial market where a person wants to invest, with the intention of obtaining profit throughout selling, or purchasing currency, stocks, commodities, shares and other assets that can be traded.

In the specific financial market of FOREX, there are three main types of brokers that are: the market markers, offering free spread and these are the ones allowing the access to market with high tech online platforms. Usually these are people that start in the trading recently.

The second one corresponds to No Dealing Desk or NDD, without operation room the operations are executed automatically, being frequently more expense than the first one, but at the same time automatically managed as main advantage.

And in third place, the Dealing Desk or DD; the kind of broker that operates through an operation room, anticipating and predicting movements in the market. This is considered the most professional of the broker types, being logically the most expensive.

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